Steve Kornacki on the Warren Campaign

Elections are seriously heating up as the looming deadline of November 6th inches closer. With Obama and Romney bouncing back and forth across the country and political debates about to start, Salon’s political writer Steve Kornacki, pulls out his pen and paper over the highly publicized Senatorial race in Massachusetts between Elizabeth Warren (D) and incumbent Scott Brown (R). You can find the article here.

In a surprising upset, Brown won the Senatorial seat belonging to Ted Kennedy in a special election following Kennedy’s death. Warren, a high profile Democrat, noted for her role in working with Obama closely on the economy is waging a very close race alongside Brown.

Kornacki points out that Warren, at least in his mind, has always been an underdog. He points out that in the early days of the Warren campaign, he believed that she was running a campaign that was certain to lose. You can’t fault him as he cites Brown’s overwhelming popularity in a state that is a majority liberal. His conservative viewpoints aside, he is relatable and that’s where his strength is.

Warren seems to me as a woman of calculation which staunchly contrasts the image Brown puts out – the guy next door. Her role in the DNC seems to have given her a slight boost in the polls. This is, as Kornacki points out, the best news the Warren campaign has had thus far. But will this boost be sustainable?

I don’t know. Being a Massachusetts resident I can tell you that I don’t know who Elizabeth Warren is. I know her political values and what she stands for. But who is she as a person? As a Republican running for a Massachusetts seat, Scott Brown knows he cannot win on his politics. He has to win on how he is perceived. Brown has worked to paint himself how Kornacki said, the “regular-guy-with-a-truck.”

I can relate to Scott Brown. When it comes to November 6th people I, along with everyone else, will have to make the decision. Do we want the “regular-guy-with-a-truck”¬†representing us or the seemingly hardened politician?


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