Top 5 Reasons to Join a Fraternity

As a college guy fraternities have always been something to consider. I remember coming into my freshman year thinking I would never join a fraternity. Well things change and as much as “Animal House” kills the reputations of fraternities, they do come with some positives.

Here’s a list of the top 5 reasons you should join a fraternity:

Reason 1: Networking

Every school organization gives you countless opportunities to network. What is great about fraternities is that you get multiple chances to network nationally. Most fraternities have yearly or biannual gatherings of delegates from each chapter as well as countless alumni brothers. This summer I went to New Orleans and networked with my fraternity and received business cards from many people who I just might call in the coming years.

Reason 2: Leadership Training

What I tell people most about being in a fraternity is: you get what you put into it. If you enter into one of these organizations and are highly motivated you will reap the rewards of all the leadership skills you can gain. To spin off on the networking, fraternities pay a lot of attention to the running of their chapters and will fund alums to teach leadership skills to their undergraduate counterparts.

Reason 3: Scholarships

Every fraternity I’ve encountered offers some sort of scholarship. From SigEp’s Balanced Man Scholarship to FIJI’s AAA Scholarship, fraternities spend a lot to fund scholarships from those who are already brothers and those who are becoming brothers. Plus, in some cases, you may not have to join the fraternity to be awarded a scholarship. Regardless, who doesn’t want some extra money to spend?!?!

Reason 4: Community Service

People can say all they want about raging frat parties and the destruction of the surrounding communities. However, fraternities give back. Simple as that. For all the destruction you hear about, there is just as much returned via service projects. For example, Sigma Chi was rated Number 1 among fraternities by the Daily Beast. One of the major criteria was charitable donations. Sigma Chi donated a total of $1,436,883 in the last year.

Reason 5: Friendships

It may sound cheesy but fraternities give you awesome friendships. Over the last 3 years, I’ve developed stronger friendships with my fraternity brothers than friendships I’ve had since elementary school. Working within a fraternity means work closely with your brothers and you learn constantly from and about them. This is what brings you closer and makes that bond stronger. You all joined for the same values and general interests, working together just solidifies that basic friendship.


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