The Problem with Fraternities

Hazing and alcohol. 

It’s as simple as that. The first two things that people think of when they think of fraternities is cruel hazing and copious amounts of alcohol. 

Let me first address the former. Hazing is a serious problem among fraternities. They can result in being dropped from the fraternity all together or even worse, you could face jail time. Earlier this year, police came across a hazing incident at Boston University’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. News reports categorized this as an “underground fraternity” but the results are still the same – criminal charges were being considered. 

In this instance the police found 5 young men, stripped and bound together by duct tape. (You can find the full story here). This type of incident isn’t the first either. Similar incidents happen all over the country with the various fraternities, both recognized by schools and unrecognized by schools. 

Now for alcohol. Everyone knows that alcohol is all over college campuses. In many instances, it is highly accessible where there are “frat parties.” Whether there are fraternities around or not, alcohol will still be used by students but fraternities don’t help. The best example I can use to demonstrate the severity of alcohol use is a case brought against Phi Gamma Delta in the late 90s. 

A freshman, Scott Kreuger, died at a fraternity party due to alcohol poisoning. When he arrived at the hospital his BAC was measured at a 0.41, the result was his premature death. What makes this significant is that the people charged with taking care of him left him alone on his back while he was unconscious. Kreuger’s parents sued the fraternity and won a huge settlement including the development of an alcohol awareness safety video.

Kreuger’s case was the largest lawsuit brought against a fraternity to date. It proves just how bad fraternities can be when dealing with alcohol. For more information on the Kreuger case you can check out the MIT site regarding the case. 

Regardless of what you are asked to due, whether it is to do something embarrassing or to drink more than you can handle, it is your duty to say no. Speak up and keep yourself safe and comfortable. 


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