The Bro-spective

UMass is cracking down on partying. Hard.

With the crackdown on partying becoming stronger and stronger, so is the crackdown on groups like fraternities that statistically contribute to the problem. 

With all of this in mind, it is no wonder that the new Chancellor at UMass may be biased against fraternities. Being a fraternity guy, myself, I went and asked others what they thought about the stance of the new Chancellor. 

First I spoke with a sophomore who has been a part of Greek life for about a year now. He recognized that fraternities have this negative stereotype of non-stop partying and drinking. When I asked him about the new Chancellor this is what he said: “With every change in leadership comes a new opportunity to disprove negative assumptions.” This sense of optimism doesn’t just stay with him. 

In another interview, I spoke with a president of one of Umass’s fraternities. He noted that fraternities are envisioned with an “Animal House” stereotype. Because of stereotypes like this, he said people tend to “ignore the positives.” In regards to the Chancellor he said “Hopefully he has an open mind – we have a new chance for a new impression.” 

While many “bro’s” may have this negative perspective on the school’s new policy towards partying and fraternities, there is hope out there. The “bro-spective” is that a new Chancellor brings a new hope. 


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