Shelter Sunday

Shelter Sunday is an annual event held by UMass Amherst’s IFC and PC fraternities and sororities in conjunction with the Town of Amherst.

The goal of Shelter Sunday is to have members of UMass’ Greek life to canvass all of Amherst for donations to be given to the Amherst Survival Center for the coming winter. It is also a huge chance for all of Greek life at UMass to come together and give back to the Amherst community.

For the last 15+ years, Shelter Sunday has been helping the local poor and homeless. Last year, groups canvassed Amherst and raised thousands of dollars. The fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta raised the most out of any group, raising nearly $400.

The local Amherst inhabitants greatly appreciate the effort put on by the Greek organizations. When I participated in the event last year, one woman told me how much she appreciated watching us give back in such a simple and caring way.

Many often expect Shelter Sunday. Often times we would find letters taped to doors in anticipation of a Shelter Sunday canvasser coming to the home. The envelope would contain a monetary donation and a thank you note.

This year Shelter Sunday will be taking place on Sunday, October 21st. If you would like to make a charitable donation please visit their website and follow the donation link.


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