Steve Kornacki

For the last few weeks I’ve been following Steve Kornacki, a political blogger for

Kornacki blogs once a day, occasionally he will post a second blog. Each blog is pretty lengthy, at about 1000 words. For the most part, his blogs are his own interpretation of political discourses and events. He does a really good job at masking his own opinion on his highly polarizing topics.

Being an election year, it is no wonder that the majority of his posts have to deal with 2 things: the Presidential Election and the Massachusetts Senatorial Election.

From reading his posts, it is clear that Kornacki leans towards the left and and far more critical of Mitt Romney than he is of President Obama. For example, after the first Presidential debate, news centers around the country were citing how great Romney performed compared to Obama who appeared weak. Kornacki wrote this.

Because Kornacki deals with politics, he constantly needs to fact check. A lot of the time, his readers feel the need to fact check as well. In the link above, regarding Romney in the first debate, one commenter wrote “Nice try, Steve…again. You’re delusional.” Comments like these also bring out Kornacki’s followers, and they attack with a vengeance.

Kornacki is also a panelist on MSNBC’s “The Cycle“. The Cycle being a political talk show that began in June of this year. As well as participating in The Cycle and keeping daily posts with Salon, Kornacki also lives on Twitter through the handle @SteveKornacki. He tweets sporadically about day to day politics.

Given the depth and density of Kornacki’s material, I wouldn’t want his job. Political affairs can be interesting but its just not for me.


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