Ladies Speak Out

This evening was Alpha Chi Omega’s Luminary which was meant to make the UMass population aware of domestic violence.

The annual event not only brings awareness to a national problem but it also raises money to benefit UMass’ Center for Women and Community. This year’s event, we heard from the Center’s educator, Jill Grimaldi. She urged all those in attendance to “remain aware of the relationships [we] enter as they have the potential to be abusive.”

The goal of the event was to educate those in attendance on the types of domestic abuse as well as the key signs of an abusive relationship.

An event like this is the archetype of something positive the Greek system brings to a community. At UMass, 3% of the student population is Greek, most of them being members of sororities. The ladies of AXΩ proved tonight that it is often successful. They moved beyond the party scene that is UMass and brought a serious problem to the forefront of their focus and turned it into an educational opportunity for their fellow students, and Amherst inhabitants.

Events like this happen every semester, you just need to know where to look. Fraternities and sororities alike plan events to better the community and get students involved.


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