Presentation Numero Dos

For the next presentation I would like to cover Mary Elizabeth Williams, a blogger for the Life section of Salon. 

She seems to post on a daily basis, minus the weekends, and covers a range of topics. Unlike Steve Kornacki, Mary Elizabeth Williams will write about anything that catches her interest, whether it be politics, fashion, social problems, or the latest celebrity gossip. I’d like to cover a blogger like Mary because she doesn’t stick to one general topic, but rather a range of topics. 

Along with Mary Elizabeth Williams, I am considering covering Wayne Bennett, aka “The Field Negro.”

Wayne Bennett has a very plain spoken blog regarding everyday topics with a refreshing perspective. A lot of his writing is tongue-in-cheek, as they say, and I love it. What I like most about him is that his writing is extremely easy to read. Although I don’t ever see myself writing in the context of the “black perspective,” I think Bennett’s blog is really great, and really interesting. 


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