5 Things You Need To Survive as a College Graduate

1. Experience, Experience, Experience

I cannot stress more than anything that you need experience to survive in a volatile job market post-graduation. Get jobs, get internships – GET EXPERIENCE! Having that one extra bit of stapling experience can spell the difference between you getting that desk job rather than Joe Schmoe over there.

2. Be Friends with the Boss Man

Being friends with your boss has one essential benefit beyond having an easier time at work – references. Having a stack of professional references to hand over with your resume and cover letter speaks volumes about your reliability, work ethic, and character. On your resume you can make yourself sound like an angel sent to down from God for this specific job, but without the references to back it up, the employer can assume its all a bunch of malarkey.

3. Learn How to Network

Getting a cushy job is all about who you know. The experience you have and the references you submit will carry you a long way up until Jane Doe submits her application for the very same job. She has similar work experience and she also has stellar references. What Jane Doe has that you don’t, is that one cousin’s friend who has a friend that went to school with the hiring manager’s brother-in-law. I’m sure you get the picture.

4. Business Cards

Anyone and everyone should have their own business card and should carry them on their person at all times. Having a business card allows you to give your contact information out with ease. Business cards come across, at least for me, as a symbol of establishment and professionalism. Plus, they make you look pretty cool.

5. Get a Job!

The previous four points to this list all lead to this: GET A JOB! Its that simple. Whether you’re working at the local Starbucks or at the New York Stock Exchange, having a job is great. That puts you in a better position than most of the world’s population. Being the barista at the crappy coffee place that makes you want to quit life does nothing but put cash in your pocket and …wait what’s that? Did you just gain some experience? Did you build a working relationship with your boss? Did you meet an interesting man in a power suit today who really connected with you? Were you able to hand that interesting man in a power suit your business card? Weird.


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