Mom, Dad, I’m Moving Home

Probably one of the best moments of going off to college is the realization that you will no longer be living with your parents. You can finally live your life and have no one to tell you what you can and cannot do. What’s not to love?

With the economy still slowly getting over the “Great Recession,” college grads are facing the grim reality of going back to live with their parents. The Huffington Post reports that a significant portion of recent graduates live with their parents – 33% to be exact. A good info-graphic showing the results of this can be found in this article posted on the site.

Bloomberg notes that a whopping 20.7 million 18 to 30 year olds are now living at home in their childhood bedrooms. This figure is up 3.9% from 2010.

My own brother, who graduated in 2012, is considering moving back home. In a phone interview he mentioned that he was “not prepared for the reality that comes after graduation.”

As a graduate who studied criminal justice, my brother Chris Chin, is working at a Sherwin-Williams selling paint rather than something related to his field of study.

This problem arises often in such a volatile job market. Graduating students are finding that they are working in fields they have no interest in or are otherwise over qualified for. You can see the statistics on this problem in an earlier post of mine.

Moving back in with parents after four years of freedom is a scary thought. How can a student prevent this from happening? As a graduating senior, I know I need experience. I need marketability. I need a job.


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