Engineering a Career

Arber Doci is an outlier.

I recently interviewed UMass senior, Arber Doci, who has been studying electrical engineering for the last 5 years.

When I asked Arber about his outlook for the future, he seemed to have no worry at all. For him, he says he doesn’t worry because he “doesn’t have any debt. [He] was paid to come to UMass for his first 2 years.”

He also said that he didn’t expect to enter the typical workforce. Arber plans on creating his own business and being a self-built success story.

Luckily for Arber, if his business plan don’t work out, there’s always a back up. Having a degree in electrical engineering is a huge positive for him.

“There’s no shortage of jobs for electrical engineering,” he said.

The only potential downfall is that immigrant students from typically Asian countries are snagging jobs left and right in science fields.

Arber still doesn’t seen to worried. “Students like that, at least my friends, or classmates rather, get their education and go back to their countries.”

Talking to Arber makes me question why I chose to study the humanities. Perhaps a push in the scientific direction is in the near future.


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