The Field Negro

The Field Negro, professionally known as Wayne Bennett, is an attorney by day in Philadelphia, and a witty political/social blogger by night. 

As a former “Black Blogger of the Month,” Bennett posts to his blog, The Field Negro, once a day. Most of his posts focus on politics, others focus on social issues. Each post, however, has large amounts of sarcasm and wit imbedded in it. 

In his most recent post about the recent election, he employs hardcore sarcasm. You can read the full post here, but he says: 

“I think all your fellow republicans throwing darts at you are full of it. They agree with everything you said. They are just mad at you because you lost to the Kenyan Socialist.”

Lines like this make me really enjoy Bennett’s writing. 

Bennett’s posts are very long. The majority of his posts aren’t actually his writing but quotes from other sources. For example, in this post, Bennett writes a total of 5 sentences, the rest of the post is source material. The leads to me to conclude that Bennett is less of a blogger and more of a commenter. 

The Field Negro blog writes a lot about politics so material comes from the papers and other news outlets. Since the end of the election, Bennett has had a lot of material to choose from. That being said, he does an adequate job at linking to other posts or background material.

A lot of his comments call for an explanation of terms. For example, in one of the posts I’ve already linked to, one commenter asks for Bennett to explain what the acronym NWA stands for. 

Since Bennett blogs mostly on politics, the comments can be heated. A lot of the time, those who comment are known as “Anonymous” and disparage Bennett as well as Obama, who Bennett was not shy about supporting. 

Unlike Steve Kornacki, who also blogs about politics, I would enjoy Bennett’s job. Kornacki blogged seriously and regularly about politics but Bennett shares a common trait with me – sarcasm. 

When it comes to politics, sarcasm is a must if I’m to take part in a discussion, debate, or what have you. 

When all is said and done, the Field Negro has a great blog that runs deep with witticisms and sarcasm. What more can you ask for? Nothing, that’s what.  


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