If I was Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This year for Halloween I decided to be cheap – very cheap. So cheap, in fact, that my costume cost about $3.99 in total. I wore clothes I had and bought a toy accessory pack for a sheriff’s costume. 

I was the Good Will version of Woody from Toy Story, minus the yellow plaid and cow skin prints. And the hat, you can’t forget that I had no hat.

All of this resulted in me ending up at a party where I would meet a girl. What made this girl so special? Not much, actually. Although she did not get the sheriff concept, she thought I was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Yes, ladies. This girl thought that I dressed up as JGL and somehow by the grace of God pulled it off. 

That got me thinking. What if I was Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Answer – just awesome. 

He’s one of those A-list Hollywood actors that actually has a human persona. He’s no Brad Pitt with his posh wife that just exude an air of “better than thou” with every breath they take. No he is what I call a real person.

Fame hasn’t gotten to his head. JGL is just a funny guy doing quirky stuff with his quirky friends. He just so happens to gallivant  around as a fantastic actor every so often.

Plus he is biffs with Zoey Deschanel. If you don’t know her, you should. That’s my future wife, juss’ sayin’. Check out this clip of them doing randomly awesome stuff!

Ummm can I be in that relationship please?!?! Why can’t I do spontaneous videos with my incredibly hipstermatic best friend that involves silently dancing around in a bank?

If I was JGL that would be my life all the time. Hello? Why wouldn’t I want to spend my time making random videos with true creativity? 

Yeah, life as JGL would be good. So thank you random girl at that Halloween party for thinking I was him. Apparently I have the style, now I just need the life.

Or just Zoey. That works too. 


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